The Psychologist Vol 22 No 12 December 2009

The Psychologist Vol 22 No 12 December 2009
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The role of psychology in music education    
Susan Hallam on the nature and importance of musical ability

Music - shelter for the frazzled mind?    
Pam Heaton on music and autism

In search of the language of music    
Victoria Williamson on two universals

Motivating musical learning    
Jane Davidson, Robert Faulkner and Gary McPherson on taking our natural interest in music to the next level  

Lost in music    
Lauren Stewart on amusia, and the light it shines on musical development

Eye on fiction: Unhappy in a unique way    
Steven Livingstone on Anna Karenina

Positive psychology; academia and applied; Strictly Come Dancing; and more

Child welfare and immigration control; placement courses; reviewing primary education; debt and mental health; retirement; immersive VR; and more

Kidnap victims in the news; and the ethics of commenting on individuals

Book reviews
Change management; the dopaminergic mind; others in mind; masculinities; and what your stuff says about you

President's column; research excellence framework; effort in testing; and more

Music in change; working in Bahrain; all the latest jobs, and how to advertise

Looking back
Creative genius in classical music, with Dean Keith Simonton

One on one
...with Raymond MacDonald


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