The Psychologist Vol 22 No 11 November 2009

The Psychologist Vol 22 No 11 November 2009
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The Psychologist, the Society's official monthly publication, provides a forum for communication, discussion and controversy among all members.

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Parasites, minds and cultures Could the most human of qualities owe their existence to tiny, mindless organisms?
Justin Park and Mark Schaller investigate

One nagging thing...   Top psychologists help us to celebrate the 150th Research Digest e-mail

Developing human brain functions    
Mark Johnson describes the emerging field of developmental cognitive neuroscience  

Beyond 'just-so stories'    
Lisa DeBruine on how evolutionary theory leads to novel predictions

Social class through the evolutionary lens    
Daniel Nettle takes a look

The peacock's tail of altruism    
Wendy Iredale and Mark Van Vugt on the Darwinian psychology of helping

Methods: evaluating explanatory theories
Brian Haig advocates 'inference to the best explanation', a method used by Darwin

Book reviews
Mental toughness; consciousness; the compassionate mind; and more

President's column; Presidents' Award; accreditation; journals; and more

Darwin in the workplace; the Society's Undergraduate Research Assistantship scheme; the latest jobs, and how to advertise

Looking back: on the origins of human nature
Chris Lerwill digs into Darwin's archives

One on one
...with David Buss


Tking A-level psychology seriously; in defence of empiricism; and much more

News, conference and media
Post-antibiotic apocalypse; walking in circles; reports from the British Science Festival and a Martin Seligman lecture; and Kisane Prutton on the benefits of engaging with a changing media

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