PsychTalk Issue 59 March 2008

PsychTalk Issue 59 March 2008
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A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at University.




Kate Balla

Student Members Group Committee introductions

The Jam

Africans, Europeans, and IQ
Dean D'Souza

The National Health Service and psychological therapy: The availability problem and what's being done about it
Nicholas Todd

The psychological impact of the Glass Ceiling
Talat Yaqoob

Religion: The evolutionary survival tool
James Randall

Are sufferers of Mylagic Encephalopathy just 'malingerers'? ... The effect of ME on the experience of the self
Kate Ward

The Random section

Martin Seligman Lecture
Linda Berkeley

Caroline Cox

Student Representatives
Claire Dinham

'A' Level Students - Information on choosing a university
Kate Balla

The Bridge

Book Reviews
Toni Brennan

Guidelines for Contributors

Student Members Group Committee 2007/2008


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