PsychTalk Issue 58 October 2007

PsychTalk Issue 58 October 2007
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A collection of psychological papers written by students, for students, during their time at University.





A few words from the Editor
Philippa Walters

The Jam

The psychology behind female serial killers
Isabel T. Marozsan

How can psychologists contribute to the investigation of 'Islamophobia' in contemporary media?
Christopher Russell

Is intelligence a multiple or unitary concept?
Lauren Parker

Discuss the contribution of cognitive neuropsychology to understanding normal cognitive processes
Keller Marketa

Dangerous Sports: A dispositional perspective on the cause of risk-taking behaviour
Lisa Molly

Unconscious agency: Fact or phantasy?
Sinead Spearing

HEALTH Psychology Feature

Interview with an expert ... Philippa Walters interviews Health Psychologist, Dr. Mark Roy

Information from the British Psychological Society

The Random section

21st European Federation of Psychology Students Association (EFPSA) Congress 6-13 May 2007, Finland
Clare Dinham

Motivational types in amateur football: Its role in career transition
Emma Smith & Phil Johnson

Your Letters, Your Voice, Your Words
Philippa Walters

Guidelines for Contributors
Philippa Walters


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