Educational & Child Psychology Vol 23 No 2 2006: Youth Offending and Youth Justice

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 23 No 2 2006: Youth Offending and Youth Justice
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ISBN 978-1-85433-467-1; 0267-1611


A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. The theme is of this issue is Youth Offending and Youth Justice.




About the contributors


Working with a Youth Offending Team: Personal perspectives on challenges and opportunities for the practice of educational psychology
Neil Ryrie

Do crime rates predict the outcome of parenting programmes for parents of 'high-risk' pre-school children?
Judy Hutchings, Tracey Bywater, Claire Davies & Chris Whitaker

Understanding bullying from a shame management perspective: Findings from a three-year follow-up study
Eliza Ahmed

Treatment for substance use problems among young offenders: Difficulties and dilemmas for implementation and evaluation in the UK
Richard Hammersley, Marie Reid & John Minkes

Using ASSET data for mental health research on young offenders: Issues and implications for researchers
Sarah Knowles, Ellen Townsend & Martin Anderson

Psychological assessment and treatment of adolescent offenders with psychopathic personality traits
Susan Cooper & Paul Tiffin

From welfare to correction: A review of changing discourses of secure accommodation
Mark Smith & Ian Milligan

Moving on from young offender institutions: Young offenders' adjustment to release
Helen Champion & Linda Clare


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