DCoP Newsletter No 1 November 2009

DCoP Newsletter No 1 November 2009
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A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of counselling psychology.





Letter from the Chair
Barbara Douglas

Talking Point

Health of the counselling psychologist: Reflections on therapist health issues in private practice
Lynne Jordan

Issues from Practice

Psychotherapy and the economic context: Some reflections for practice
Lewis Blair

The changing nature of health care: Implication for counselling psychologists and service users
Chris Athanasiades

DCoP Annual Conference 2009

Warwick was worth it!
Peter Martin

A privilege to attend!
Phil Mollon

Plenary contribution
Martin Milton

Plenary reflection
Simon du Plock

The introduction of the IAPT project
Pamela E. James

Chief Assessor's Report for the 2009 Assessments for the British Psychological Society's Qualification in Counselling Psychology
Paul Hitchings

Letters to the Editor

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