DCP Introductory guide to commissioning

DCP Introductory guide to commissioning
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Who is this document for?

With Primary Care Trusts dissolving by March 2013 and Clinical Commissing Groups evolving, there is a change in structures and systems in England.

The aim of this document is to describe commissioning concepts structures and systems and to make this knowledge accessible and useful for clinical psychologists at all levels, including trainees.

N.B. The information on the roles and responsibilities within the systems and structures described is continuing to develop and is a reflection of the information available up to July 2012.





An 'authorised' Clinical Commissioning Group

The language of commissioning

The new and evolving arrangements for commissioning

Levels of relationships and influence

What a Commissioner expects

Top tips

  • Things you may need
  • How people have managed to get involved and achieve influence

Useful references


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