Counselling Psychology Review Vol 23 No 2 May 2008

Counselling Psychology Review  Vol 23 No 2 May 2008
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This issue of Counselling Psychology Review looks at humanity's relationship with the natural world from a variety of different perspectives.




Our connection to the Earth - a neglected relationship in counselling psychology?
Nickee Higley & Martin Milton

Humans and nature: Ten useful findings from Environmental Psychology research
Birgitta Gatersleben

Wisdom from the Wilderness
Martin Milton

A Blue Tit got me thinking ... Reflections on the therapeutic aspects of human-animal relationships
Jill Owen

In Conversation

  • Jonathan Scott, naturalist, author and television presenter in conversation with Martin Milton
  • Ian McCallum, Jungian analyst, ecopsychologist and author in conversation with Martin Milton

Nature hunger: Eating problems and consuming the Earth
Mary-Jayne Rust

Journey into the natural world of the counselling psychologist
Carol Shillito-Clarke

Parting thoughts...
Martin Milton

Talking Point: Are connectionist models useful in counselling psychology? An opinion piece
Tony Ward

Notes from the Chair
Malcolm Cross

Trainee Column

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